A desire for perfection

Every shoe is a work of art, where each part reveals craftsmanship and expertise, right down to the smallest detail. The finest exotic hides together with precious materials, worked with skill and passion, create unique, timeless items with an innate elegance.

One and a half day’s work

to make each shoe

30 operations

to create the upper

50 operations

to create each shoe (fitting the upper, stitching, finishing)

4 different colours

available for the upper


customised looks

3 hours of work

to cover heel and welts


of these operations are carried out by hand

5 available colour


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The top outer part in calfskin, and the lining of the show. Failli 1979 Tuscany uses the best Italian leather, in 4 elegant tones, enhanced by the vamp in alligator.


The inside of the shoe, which supports both the upper and the sole. A special quilted finish makes the insole both comfortable and elegant at the same time.


The element that completes the shoe and protects the bottom of the foot. The Failli 1979 Tuscany sole is made in prime leather from the Conceria Rocca, a tannery of Italian and European renown. The details of the sole are both refined and elegant, with suede and alligator appliqué features that match the colour of the upper and incisions.


A strip of leather stitched to the upper and usually under the lace fastening, protecting the top of the foot. The tongue on a Failli 1979 Tuscany shoe is made in prime quality alligator, in the same shade as the vamp.


The octagonal shape is inspired by a watch case, with the same meticulous workmanship. The steel eyelets consist of two individual parts that screw together via a thread, have elegant screw-shaped engravings.


Alligator aglets enhance and finish the laces.

Heel and Welt

The Welt is the leather profile around the whole perimeter of the shoe on which the upper, the footbed and sole are stitched. The Salimbeni Classic model by Failli 1979 Tuscany is truly one of a kind, with both the heel and the welt completely covered in alligator in the same colour as the vamp. A detail that won't go unnoticed.

Plate and Welt

Unlike the Salimbeni Classic, the Salimbeni Plate model has only the welt covered in alligator. The Heel is embellished by a steel plate that can be customised - both in terms of material and engravings - as well as being interchangeable.

Inside label

A fabric label is stitched inside every Failli 1979 Tuscany shoe. This can be customised with the owner's name and the date of purchase.