“Where are you from?”

“I’m from Italy…from Tuscany, to be exact”

“Tuscany? What a beautiful place!”

“Tuscany? What a beautiful place!”
This is the classic reply, exclaimed whenever one says they are Tuscan.


“That double row of cypresses that to Bolgheri run stately and tall from San Guido…”

Davanti a San Guido, Giosuè Carducci

San Gimignano

Artistic and architectural wonders

Like the famous avenue bordered by centuries-old cypresses that leads to Bolgheri inspired the poet Giosuè Carducci with its astounding beauty, so the natural, artistic and architectural wonders of Tuscany have influenced the minds of many illustrious personages, who have made it famous throughout the world.


One such man stands out above all of them: Leonardo Da Vinci, citizen of the world, but first of all, from the town of Vinci in the rolling Tuscan hills, where his genius was born and where it also left its unmistakable mark.

Italian painter, engineer and scientist, Leonardo is considered one of the greatest geniuses humanity has ever known. Born in 1452, he completely embodied the spirit of the age, the Renaissance, using his ingenuity and talent to achieve the heights of expression in a wide variety of areas: from science to art, scenography and anatomy, passing via music. But above all, he was the greatest designer and inventor of all time.

A heritage of beauty
without equal in the world

And not only: sailors, writers, scientists and artists of all kinds have been enchanted by this land with its many old villages, art works of indescribable beauty, countryside dotted with vineyards and farmhouses: and a concentration of masterpieces that continues, over the centuries, to inspire anyone lucky enough to live here.


“Arezzo would suffice for the glory of Italy”
Thus poet Giosué Carducci sums up all of the great beauty of Arezzo. The homeland of exceptional artists and scientists through history, including Guido Monaco, the inventor of musical notes, Piero della Francesca, one of the most important representatives of early Renaissance painters, and the artistic genius that was Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Piazza Grande


Piazza del Campo



Siena is known the world over for its enormous historic and artistic heritage, as well as the wealth of countryside. In 1995, the Mediaeval city centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most famous site in Siena is Piazza del Campo, famous for its shell shape, surrounded by Mediaeval buildings and for hosting the famous Palio race twice a year.


Pisa cannot be mentioned without its symbol: the Leaning Tower, one of Italy's best-known monuments. The bell tower, which was begun in 1173 and completed in 1350, owes its characteristic tilt to the clay and sandy soil on which it is built. Together with the cathedral and baptistery, built in white and coloured marbles, the tower is part of a group of buildings that the poet D'Annunzio called "Miracles", hence the name: "Piazza dei Miracoli".

Piazza dei Miracoli


Ponte Vecchio


Artisan traditions are what make our products

Tuscan craftsmanship feeds on this beauty, continuing the long-standing tradition for footwear that has its roots in the Etruscan period, and which has been handed down for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Failli 1979 Tuscany products are the perfect embodiment of this traditional craftsmanship going back thousands of years, with the same excellence and attention to detail that have made Made in Tuscany so famous and recognisable the world over.